Our Chunky Plank Furniture is Handcrafted by Master Craftsmens in the UK, using traditional woodworking techniques from solid planks of wood.
Finished mostly by hand, each piece bears unique marks, holes and sometimes cracks along the timber. All off these are natural and are to be expected with Plank Furniture.
In some pieces the plank boards may be uneven and even rough, again this is characteristic of this furniture. Your new piece of plank furniture will not be perfectly smooth.
To care for your plank furniture, we recommend applying Bees Wax twice a year to seal and polish the surface and to fill any cracking which may appear. Please remember cracking may naturally appear over time and is not a cause for concern as this is indicative of natural wood plankfurniture.
Sorry about the quality of the photos, after all, we only use Master Craftsmen, not master Photographers.